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We all have our reasons for wanting to escape from city life and straight into Mother Nature’s arms. Be it for tranquility, clear skies, fresh air, picturesque landscapes, adventure, the flora and fauna – whatever your reasons we at RAW Escapades are here to help you escape.

Our trips are meticulously crafted by travel lovers and thrillseekers to give you the unforgettable moments that every traveller years for. Maybe you’re looking for a quiet weekend to relax and unwind with family and friends at a quaint home stay? We’ve got your back. Are you perhaps the adventurous type? We can offer you just what you need to get the adrenaline pumping. From rafting and rock climbing to outdoor camps and survival training, we’ve got it all. Are you a well seasoned explorer? Don’t worry we’ve got some hidden gems that are sure give you a fresh experience. Our speciality though are the beautiful treks that we’ve got listed for you.

We also have professional experience in wildlife conservation and photography – be it safaris or expeditions, we know what we’re doing. What’s more is that we’ve always got our ear to the ground, we’ve got all the local knowledge and experience to get you up close and personal with nature. Nothing mundane. Nothing artificial. Just raw, natural destinations. So what do you say? Let’s Escape!



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