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3 Reasons to Make Trekking Your Next Hobby


3 Reasons to Make Trekking Your Next Hobby

To the uninitiated trekking can often seem like a daunting activity. The truth couldn’t be further from it. India alone is home to countless treks covering the entire range of difficulties. Whether you’re a fresh faced beginner or a well walked veteran it won’t be difficult to find the treks that are right for you. There are a plethora of reasons that you should giving trekking a go, in this post we’re going to give you our top reasons for trekking.

Toughen Up Physically & Mentally

Trekking isn’t just a great way to get your body in shape, it does wonders for the mind too. While the physical benefits of trekking are evident for all to see the mental ones can be a bit subtler. Being in great shape isn’t always a guarantee you’re going to breeze a trek, your determination plays a big role as well. Even the easiest of treks can have their gruelling moments and facing these helps build up your mental fortitude. Giving in and pushing yourself through a trek is the perfect way to train up your body and mind to face all the challenges along the way in life as well.

There’s No Better Bonding

Though there are a lot of other nature based activities that may be the more obvious choices for team building there’s no denying that trekking can make your group tighter as well. When you’re trekking as a group it’s no longer about pushing yourself through the trek, it’s about getting through it as a single unit. A group trekking together looks out for each other and the journey itself becomes an excellent way to get to know one another even better. Out there in the midst of Mother Nature the ones you’re trekking with are most likely going to be the only people you see on your journey, making it the sort of experience that can turn good friends into best friends.

You’ll Be at One with Nature

When you’re trekking you’ll find yourself closer to nature than you’ve ever been before. While you’re out there on the trail or at a campsite you’re relying on nature for everything you need. You’ll often be amazed at how the natural twists and bends of the path branch out into so many different roads, each bearing promise of sights more beautiful than the last. No matter how tired you get, no matter how much it feels like you can’t go on when you catch sight of that mountain peeking through the clouds you’ll find your second wind. Even the mighty waterfall will sound like it’s roaring you on. It’s only when you trek that you realize just how attuned we can be to nature.

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