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Making Port at the Island Camp

Making Port at the Island Camp

Nestled in a quiet corner of Lonavala is an idyllic campsite. On the bank of Pawna Lake you’ll
find the aptly named Island Camp. It’s an absolutely wonderful location that is surrounded
by some of the most gorgeous sights in Lonavala. You’ll see waterfalls and cloudy peaks; you
might even catch sight of some majestic birds. There’s a lot to lose yourself in when you find
yourself in this neck of the woods. Island Camp Lonavala is the sort of place that will keep
you coming back.

Getting there is easy enough. Whether you’re coming from Mumbai or Pune the trip by road
is a rather quick one. It’s only 80km from Mumbai and 66km from Pune. Once you’ve found
your way to Lonavala you can either make your way to the camp via a mini trek or drive all
the way down. The mini trek is an easy one and well worth the experience as it gets you
perfectly in the mood for your stay in nature. However you end up getting there you’ll be
greeted by refreshments as you take in the view for the first time.

Once you’re settled in you’ll find there’s a whole lot you can spend your time doing.
Kayaking is a popular activity at Island Camp Lonavala. You’ll often find groups of kayakers
out and about the waters of Pawna Lake. If you’re the sort for physical activities then this is
definitely something you’d want to try. If you’re more in the mood to kick back then the
banks of the lake make for the perfect spot to laze around and breathe in the fresh air. The
land around the campsite is perfect for a stroll with your camera.

If you enjoy trekking then this is the perfect place to pitch your tent before you head off on
your adventure. There are a lot of trails around Lonavala and it’s a much better experience
when you come back to a campsite rather than a hotel.

The campsite at Island Camp Lonavala is also an excellent spot for barbecues. A great
culinary experience in the midst of nature makes for a worthwhile night. In some ways the
simplicity of the whole setup really adds to the appeal. It’s the sort of familiar place you
know you can always escape to whenever you please. If you’re looking for a place you can
make those quick trips to then this is one place you’re going to want to consider.

It’s easily accessibly, readily affordable, picturesquely beautiful and absolutely serene.
There’s enough to keep you occupied without a doubt but bringing along some good
company will always enhance these sort of trips. If you’re looking for a brilliant getaway for
your group then you’ve just found the perfect spot!

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