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Rafting Your Worries Away

Rafting Your Worries Away

Are you someone who wants to river raft? Are you a seasoned rafter? A fresh faced beginner? Whatever your level of expertise may be you’ll find the experience at Kolad to be highly satisfying. Kolad is a part of the Raigad district in Maharashtra. This tiny village offers you not only a breathtaking backdrop of peaks and waterfalls but also a whole host of thrilling activities to keep the adrenaline pumping.

You can indulge in adventure sports like rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing among others. The main draw for most though would be the rafting. Kolad is home to the Kundalika River, which is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the area. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide on  our adventure so even if it’s your first time you’ll go in fully prepared. The thrill of hitting the rapids is sure to get your blood pumping; there’s no better way to fully live in the moment.

The course down the river isn’t particularly long but it’s filled with heart-racing rapids and moments of serene beauty. The water is clean and cool and the end of the course is a brilliant place to take a dip and unwind. If your trip coincides with some light rain then you’re in for an absolute treat. The greenery in Kolad really comes to life with a bit of cloudburst.

Though the temperatures stay relatively pleasant it can get rather hot on a bright day.
Packing some sunscreen with you wouldn’t go amiss. As with any such outdoor trip bug
repellant of some sort is a must. The activities in Kolad are best enjoyed in a pair of shorts
and a t-shirt. Given the frequency at which you’d get wet it wouldn’t hurt to pack an extra
change of clothes.

Of course there is a whole lot to do apart from just the adventure sports. Kolad is rife with
greenery and scenic beauty making it ideal for a leisurely stroll accompanied by your
camera. Even the man made structures in the area lend to the appeal. The dam is a majestic
construction and you can even catch sight of a couple of forts. Your photo album from Kolad
is one you’ll find yourself visiting over and over.

Kolad is situated only a few hours away from Mumbai by road. Given its proximity and the
plethora of activities on offer it makes for the perfect weekend getaway. Whether you’re a
big group seeking a thrill or even just a solo traveler looking for an idyllic getaway Kolad will
give you something to smile about.

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