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Start Your Travel at Home, Exploring India

Start Your Travel at Home, Exploring India

India is the seventh largest and second most populous country in the world. Surrounded by three different bodies of water, India boasts not only a very diverse flora and fauna but also it’s varied culture and heritage. India has been a popular tourist destination from the very early days of travel with people flocking from world over to embark on their journey through nature, or spiritual awakening or even of learning. Despite the undeniably brilliant destinations scattered across the country you’ll often find that it’s those who live in India that often end up missing out on some brilliant travel experiences by opting for journeys overseas instead. Though there’s no denying the appeal and draw of international travel it’s well worth keeping your options open within the country as well.

Every Indian worth their salt has hit up most of India’s major destinations by the time time they’re 30. What they miss out on is the long list of nooks and crannies hidden away on the off beat path. Now normally this would be the time to take pause and give you a list of examples. In this case I’m going to opt not to do that because the joy of discovering these places with a bit of effort is one that’s unparalleled. Growing up I’ve often played out the fantasy of being an explorer, someone like Indiana Jones. When I first started my forays into nature I never expected I’d actually ever stumble onto the feeling of ‘discovering’ something for myself. Though it’s unlikely that any of us are going to be the first to find these places, given how isolated they are it’ll give you the same feeling none the less.

Another thing that a journey through India will teach you is tolerance. India is the sort of country where two neighbouring cities could have such varied cultures that you wouldn’t even believe they were in the same country, much less the same state. Travelling through these parts and interacting with those that live there you learn a very important lesson. That at the end of the day we’re all just people. It’s a rather humbling feeling when you realise that you really aren’t so different from those around you no matter how you look or what language you speak. Travel in general broadens your horizons and opens your mind, travelling through India especially the more remote parts gives you the kind of insight you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. As a weary traveller you’ll find the poorest offering you the last of water with a smile, if you missed out on the value of sharing this could be your chance to learn that along with some other valuable life lessons.

I could have gone on about the beauty of India. I could have told you about all the birds and animals you could see. I could have told you about all the extreme sports that would’ve got the blood pumping. You already know all of that though. The journey of the mind that makes up the travel through India is an experience you’ll be learning from even years down the line.

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